PSU Problem, Can black wire/yellow wire 8 pin plugin work for 4 pin ATX 12v socket?

Discussion in 'Windows 7 Hardware' started by fifthmanstandin, Feb 11, 2011.

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    I have a computer with an Asus MZN68-LA mobo in it. My friend wanted to add a graph card to his computer. His factory PSU did not have PCI-E plugs to power the graph card so he bought a PSU as well to solve that problem. The new PSU in question is here:

    The new PSU fit fine and I began plugging everything up, until I got to the 4 pin ATX12V socket on the motherboard. I realized the new PSU seemingly does not have a single 4 pin ATX12V. There is, however, a black wire/yellow wire (which I take to mean PCI express?) connection that breaks apart from an 8 pin to a 4 pin that would fit fine and, in theory work. What I'm afraid of is having some power supply problem with this massive 650 watt PSU and frying the mobo.

    Before I even attempt this, will someone clarify whether or not that's fair game and will work fine?
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    the PCI-e are yellow and black 6+2 pin so its not them, but the atx 12v is two 4 pin connectors and one of them would be fine.

    as long as you are matching voltage and observe polarity then the motherboard will simply draw the amperage it needs :)

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