I am passing a boring time in this situation, Now i want play a action and adventure game. Many of my friend suggest PUBG and many suggested FREEFIRE , Guys what do you think which is best . I want to know your opinions !!


PUBG runs on the Unreal engine, Free Fire is better suited for low-end devices. When it comes to graphics, PUBG Mobile stands out. PUBG Mobile uses Unreal Engine, which is very popular among PC gamers and this engine delivers very smooth and realistic graphics.

In short, if you have old hardware then play FreeFire.
If you want all the gaming juice in the world and you have hardware to support it then play PUBG.


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This is true that Free Fire is better suited for low-end devices. PUBG is only for PC. iOS's optimization for this game might be really bad. They should have spent more time on mobile game testing for iOS.