Windows 8.1 qBitTorrent is the best torrent client

Hello. I'd like to express my impression about this torrent client.
Windows is the well thought-out OS, and it gives serious problem not so often. But sometimes it happens.
I had been using uTorrent for years and thought that it was the best torrent client. However, it was false.
All of that time, I was confronted with overloading of hard disk to 100%. As a result, the speed was going down almost to the zero at that moment. I played with many setting at uTorrent but nothing changed.
There was the case when I download a big torrent about 55gb, it totally hanged my system, so I had to use hard reset.
As a result, I made a decision to change the torrent client. Someone advised to try qBitTorrent. And did so.
I was so amazed that there was no pause of speed and no overload of hard disk at all.
I can't understand why utorrent developers didn't make the same.

qBitTorrent is not merely alternative, it's much more better than uTorrent.


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To me, "Torrent" is synonymous with "Piracy". NBI and other anti-piracy bodies have their eyes on it. Not a good idea.

Be aware. When someone has a significant bandwidth activity, it alarms the authorities. They may be watching you.

Just a sample:


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Interesting. I'm from Russia. So I have nothing to be afraid of. But there are many lagal torrents as well.
When I bought a game for real money from a middleman of Ubi. I used torrent because it was much more faster rather than
downloading of several separates parts. Just in case, I also have lagal and paid Windows 8.1 updated from windows 7.

By the by, is it true that the most famous torrent-tracker is thepiratbay for people from UK, US and so on?
To my mind, it is enough inconvinetly and about. Ask it just to bate my curiousity.

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I am not gonna argue with you. I've said my piece. If you want to continue, it's all up to you.The anti-piracy law is applied internationally not just per country and that torrents is being watched closely by authorities. So it doesn't matter where you are. Going back to the topic, I am not saying that you are downloading illegally. I have easy access to everything without a need for torrent. Maybe you have that "easy access" problem in Russia. So, personally, thanks but no thanks.

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Well said badrobot....well said indeed.

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