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After finishing a big job for a friend using Windows 8, I now have some questions that I would like to getting a better understanding of. If one is working with the tiles interface, is there any way after exiting a tile; of going back to the tile interface instead of the desktop?
If there is, I appear not to have found it yet.

Next I have noticed that while typing on the Internet using any browser really, I have noticed sometimes the cursor jumps back to a position where I have already typed. Have not been able to find any info on this one.

Where would be a good place to get some good starting info on how to set up remote access for me network? Having never tried it before. Also need the same type of info for possibly setting up a vpn as I am starting to travel a lot and what is involved I doing so.

Thanks for any info I can get, in advance.
Hi Lorenkjr,

sorry your post was missed until now.

Your question on the tile interface do you mean working from a metro app? If so, then if you navigate away from the interface to say go to the desktop then you can easily go back by placing the cursor to the top left corner and you'll see all the tiles that are open, just click on the one you want to go back to.

This Technet page will hopefully give you some insight to VPN:

Windows 8 VPN Get Connected

As for the cursor jump, not too sure about that... Sometimes if a mouse is failing it can make the jumper move around?
Thanks I will do some reading this morning. While I will admit some things are not all that obvious, some things are sometimes a real pain to find, and sometimes there is a learning curve, I still find Windows 8 just fine for me. It gives me choices that I did not have before. And though a touch screen (which I have ordered) will be nice for the apps part, a mouse is not that bad either. And I have noticed there are getting to be some really nice apps (very useful) coming out now. I also like the graphics. But, you know I have always liked different colors for different strokes.
Don't every worry about missing some questions I might ask. You and all my good friends here, have always been very good to me, and thats what counts. You help make my time with my computer even better and more productive. And I value all my friendships I have made here, more than anyone would ever realize. One last thing I should mention. My health has gotten much better so, I really treasure being able to participate and learn. And there is so much to learn these days. Thanks to all for being so nice.
I'm really pleased to hear your health is better Lorenkjr. :) You ever need any help bud just ask..
If the issue with the cursor only happens on our sites, it's actually an issue with the visual editor which is known and will be fixed. It usually occurs when you press backspace for the first time after changing any formatting options.