Windows 8.1 RAM Speeds?

Hey guys, when determining the speed of the RAM that the motherboard can support, should I be looking at the speed of the Front Side Bus or the speed of the memory standard?

For example, looking at the images below, can I get RAM that can only run at 1866 or 2000 OC'd or can I run RAM that will run at up to 2600 MHz? Thanks for the assistance guys.

Capture 2.PNG
Capture 1.PNG


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Use the memory standard.

Ok, with that being the case, if I wanted to use 2000 MHz since its OC'd, do I need to change a setting in the BIOS to get that OC'd or do I just install DIM that is rated for 2000 MHz? Thank you for the response.


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That it's based off your CPU/MOBO and you'll need to consult the MOBO manual for that information. Based on what you've posted, it would seem that if you purchased the 2000mhz RAM, you would have to over clock it in the BIOS to achieve that speed.

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