Random Bluescreen Crashes On Server 2019/16 With No Consistent Reason


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I've been struggling with these rather odd and entirely random Blue Screen crashes on my server. I had a hardware upgrade last month and ever sicne then there has been an endless torrent of issues. I have managed to remove a lot of them, 2 errors were due to 2 dead HDD's and another down to a broken Raid card but i still have a Blue screen which is caused by a system "Bug Check", every time a bug check runs it seems to kill the machine and each time for a different reason, from 0x01a to 0x04b and a few others. I have a selection of memory dumps from these which i am trying to understand but memory dumps are a new thing to me and I am fairly sure that i am missing most of the constructive information here.

What I have done before this is double check every running drive is free of errors , I've had memtest and the windows memoery tester run on the machine all seemingly to no avail.

The dumps can be found here - Mem Dumps