Windows 7 Random CPU Spikes


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May 28, 2012
So, I am I having a serious issue with my computer. This issue is random CPU spikes, I have an AMD 8150 with 16 GBs of DDR3 RAM and a fresh Windows 7 install. So my issue, I while using my computer I will get random CPU spikes that cause the PC to come to a halt My cpu usage will go from 10% to 100% and will stay at 100 for 30 second to a minute. This mostly happens when gaming but also happens when just surfing the web or being in a Google Plus hangout. I have done a mem test and there are no memory issue and am on the latest BIOS build. Any help would be great. Here is a video showing my CPU usage when playing minecraft and the FPS in the left hand corner.

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I did not see any single process hogging your resources but VHMultiwriter and xsplit.core ate the most and both seem to be associated with torrents - widely known as a major distribution method for malware. And Java in recent weeks has proven to be a significant security risk and many, including me, recommend removing it unless absolutely needed.

Have you scanned for malware?
VHMultiwriter and xsplit.core are part of the program xsplit that I used to record the video, and I did a malware test and I passed.
They are still the ones sapping your CPU power, according to that shot of your TM. They would be my primary suspects at this point.
Yeah I haved used other software and it happens all the time no matter what I am doing on the PC. For ex. I was talking to a friend on Google plus last night with TM open and the CPU was spiking to 100% and the PC started lagging.
How much free disk space do you have? What did you scan for malware with? And when it peaks at 100%, you should be able to see which process is taking it. You might try looking at Resource Monitor from the Performance Tab of TM.
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