Windows 7 RAW file system HHeeLLpp!!!


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Something happened....
I don't know what, but have one partition and 2 drive (un-partitioned) that I can't read.
This seems like an easy fix IF I can find a program to do it.

The drive appears to be intact. Paragon partition manager show correct info about drives.
I can even BOOT to windows 7 from the "BAD" partition.
BUT I can't access any of the drives and or the partition I just booted from with WE.
Can't access with any program.
I would seem like the 1st sector what tells these programs what kind of file system is there, is hosed.

A recovery program will retrieve the files but I have more files than I have disk space to save them to.

Is there someway to fix this without making the data irretrievable???????????

Will FixMRB do it on both drives (not boot drives) and the Boot partition?