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Razorfone: a conceptual Windows 7 & WPF-powered multi-touch phone retail experience - istartedsomething

If there’s one company that knows how to build great multi-touch experiences, it has to be Razorfish. Over the course of a year now, these guys have been showing off a bunch of groundbreaking interactive retail experiences built on top of multi-touch technologies, prominently but not limited to the Microsoft Surface.
Their latest work, dubbed Razorfone, is a conceptual retail experience for consumers looking to purchase mobile phones, but what makes this stand out from the rest is that it’s actually built on top of Windows 7’s multi-touch support and Windows Presentation Foundation. Although not the first time this combination has been used before but it’s certainly one of the best implementations I’ve seen so far.
Those familiar with multi-touch retail experiences might recall some similarities between this and the AT&T Surface application – especially in the side-by-side comparison demo, but before you call their lawyers, that’s because Razorfish was responsible for that too.
They ought to get these in the Microsoft Stores, minus the iPhone of course.


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Razorphone is great but it's just the tip of the proverbial iceberg..

Compared to the current rate of techno evolution (see: overlooked) the concept of a traditional pos system is going to make moore's law bend a bit in the next few years.

We went from cash box to cash register, we started hooking the cash registers to PCs, then we swapped the tills for PCs, and soon we'll be able to make our purchases from our phones using an in-store server accessible thru local secure wi-fi..

Heck I even see people setting up phones to sell directly with bluetooth card readers and printers. An entire till that's hand-held! The only question is what we'll need paper cash and coins, besides laundry and those tax free purchases?

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