Realtec Sound card. Fuzzy/static sound

Hello guys after i got no answer from a other windows 7 forum i geuss that did not know anything so i come here to see if you guys now what your talking about

this is about my sound card it seems to go fuzzy when i move things round or use the start menu.
(Sound Card worked on vista) - (XP)--(Vista beta)
But not windows 7 like i said when i move around things it sounds fuzzy like a static sound.
i tried all drivers from realtec and windows. None seem to make it better if i put it to (16bit) it seems to make less noise but i can still hear it and its ****** me off......

i upgraded from vista to windows 7
Please, what the hell can i do


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Hello and welcome,
Sorry for all the questions, but........
In order to troubleshoot your problem we need to know more detailed specs of your system hardware.

1. Go to Start > Run, and type msinfo32, look under the Components section for hardware identification
2. Go to Control Panel > Device Manager and look for any entry that has a yellow flag beside it
3. The manufacturer name and model number of your PC, if applicable
4 Please fill out your computers specs in the User Control Panel here on the site as well. It will then appear next to your name. look at my posting and you'll see the drop-down arrow.

A "clean" install is the best way to go and I believe you're having these issues as Windows 7 may be picking up the XP driver

The exact make and model of your motherboard and sound card would be of great help also.
Are you using the 32-bit or 64-bit version?
Are you dual-booting?
Are you using the official RC directly from Microsoft?
Did this occur immediately after install?
Do you recall installing any software that may have caused the problem?

CPU Support (See Picture of motherboard)

  • Socket LGA775
  • Intel Core 2 Duo, Pentium D and Celeron D processors
  • 533 and 800 MHz Front Side Bus
  • System Memory
    • DDR2 667/533, 2 banks with Single Channel
    • Support for up to 4 GB system memory
    • 2gb installed ram
  • Audio
    • High Definition Audio subsystem using the Realtek RTL662
  • IDE (HDD, ODD)
    • 2 SATA II connectors
    • 1 IDE connector
  • 32 Bit
  • NVIDIA 8300 GS (See Picture)

The driver works and i have no corrupted drivers everything is ok. its the sound. for some reason it makes a static sound.
it might be cuz i upgraded from (Visat) to (Windows 7)
but im sure it can be fixed (Without formating and installing again)
All drivers from the realtec site have been installed and uninstalled as the microsoft driver lets you listen to music without having alot of static sound there (But theres still some static

(Useing Windows 7 bulid 7100 from the microsoft site)

I think i fixed it. But not sure i will get back to you if i hear it again,
But heres how i fixed it for you people that are having the same prob as me.
first i went to (Sound) and (Disable) the driver. then uninstall it. restart your computer.
When it comes back on windows should say (Found hardware) it will install the basic driver
But then go to your PC) site i went here to get my driver theres a download here to if you want to give it a try.
its the realtec driver but its made for packard bells. so here
then i restarted and the sound seems to have gone away. But im not sure. atm in time i will keep a EAR out for the prob :p

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Nice trouble shooting!!

Hope it sticks.:)

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