Windows 7 Realtek 8187b driver


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Jan 10, 2009
Toshiba Satellite A205 with a Realtek network adaptor that needs rtl8187b driver.

The Vista driver provided by Realtek (and many others) does not work and elicits a "Must be installed on Vista" error message.

Will Windows provide a driver for this device for Windows 7, or are we to wait for Realtek to come up with that?

As it is I have no internet connection with the Windows 7 operating system unless I wire up the ethernet.

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I had the same problem with my a205-s5804. You will need to d/l the Vista .exe from Toshiba's website. Use WinRAR or similar to extract the archive. Then from the device manager tell windows to update the driver, select the location manually, and point it to the /Realtek(?)/x86 folder. Windows7 will then install the drivers and fix the problem.
Realtek RTL8187_WinDriver_6.1313.0613.2007

I found several different Realtek drivers online and after about an hour of testing, I finally found one that worked with my Realtek Wireless NIC. It is a 15mb file and I uploaded it to the link below. Try it and see if it works for you.

I ran the setup.exe and it didn't work so I had to put my computer knowledge to use to figure it out. Instead of using the setup.exe in the folder, follow the instruction file that I encluded and it hopefully it will work for you.

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I apologize for not following up in this thread last week; blackstripes provided the info that I ended up using (getting the driver from my laptop manufacturer's website, Toshiba).

I was successful using that method. Thank you very much, blackstripes!

Thank you, too, Computer Geek, for taking the trouble to post about your work finding a driver that was good for your machine.
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