Realtek HD audio drivers with a unique problem on Windows 7 Ultimate 32bit

Hey everyone,

Just to be clear on what kind of motherboard I'm using and the onboard audio in said motherboard, here's the model number: GA-M57SLI-S4 (AMD - socket AM2)

and the onboard audio is by Realtek. The mobo itself is a bit outdated I guess, at about 4-5 years now.

I listen to a lot of music and also dabble in FLStudio, so the ability to hear both the left and right channels is super important for me.

The problem I'm facing is that even after installing the drivers/codecs for Realtek HD audio several times from the Gigabyte support site, automatic updates or other driver downloads, this happens:

When I set the audio balance to center, I only hear the left channel audio - but in both ears on headphones or both sides on speakers. Setting the balance to 100% left gives the same effect as mentioned with center balance, while setting the balance to 100% right yields no sound in the right channel, actually no sound at all.

It seems that I'm either going to have to fork over some extra cash for a proper sound card, wait till Realtek gets real with their drivers, or just live hearing the left side of everything :p

I've looked at dozens of posts regarding audio problems but they seem unique to each system mentioned. I've even run tests on the control panel for the left and right channels with the same result - there's audio on the left, none on the right. Upon checking the device manager, there seems to be no problems detected.

I'm not expecting a solution to this anytime soon, but I'd like to know if there are others out there with the exact problem and if they were able to solve it. If I happen to miraculously figure out how to fix it I shall post over this for anyone else in my situation.



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