Windows 7 regional settings problem when browsing


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Mar 1, 2009
hi people. i've just installed win7 and i'm having language problems when browsing internet. sites like google automatically rediret us to a page (google.xx) depending on our location. the problem is that instead of having the usual, i'm getting other pages like msn live search also are in spanish. i'm from mauritius. i've installed win7 before and did not have this problem. i've checked my regional settings in control panel and checked languages in internet explorer, nothing wrong. i read that it can be because of my ip address, but there is nothing wrong with that also. it's quite irritating. please help.
For me, it is my ISP and it's just Google. My ISP is so Google adds and .mx to I have set Google to only show pages in English and that works fine but it still goes to
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