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Bob Campbell

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May 15, 2009
I have a laptop running Windows 7 (Ultimate) RC 7100 with Remote Desktop enabled (allow connections) and it is using a Windows Aero theme. I have a second (brand new HP) laptop running Vista SP1 that I want to connect via Remote Desktop Connection to my Windows 7 laptop. It works fine, except I only get the Windows basic theme. Is there a way to get an Aero theme? The date of the mstsc.exe file on my HP Vista laptop is 01/20/2008. (I haven't tried Windows 2008 R2, but is it the same (i.e. just the basic theme)?
heres my understanding....
1) You need to have windows7 running as the HOST
2) You need to connect via remote desktop with everything enabled in the RDP client under EXPERIENCE

try it...repost with results
Hi Kevin,

Thanks for responding.

1. The Window 7 RC (7100) _is_ my host computer. It has Aero enabled (translucent).
2. All 7 of the Experience options, including Themes, is checked (allowed), in the RDC client on my Vista computer.

On the Vista computer, viewing the remote desktop on the Windows 7 computer, with the Personalization window open, there's a message at the bottom of the Personalization window that says: "One or more of the themes has been disabled by Remote Desktop Connection settings".

I don't know how or where to enable it.
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