remote desktop connection win 7 home

why cant i see the home button on the pc i connect to?


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What is "the home button" and where is it in respect to what you are seeing in your remote desktop window.
If you are talking about the "Windows 7 Start Orb", are there scroll bars present in the RDP window, are you running in a window or full screen mode?
It may be an issue with the screen resolution on the remote machine vs. your machines resolution. You may need to experiment a bit to get it just right.

ty sorted
just one more. is there a way so i can see what is on my pc2
hang on
pc1 is win 7 pro
pc2 is win 7 home prem
i use pc 2 to connect to pc 1
when i do it logs off user on pc 1
is there a way to use pc2 to connect to pc1 and keep the screen up
instead of going to log on screen.
ie wwe see the same so i can show the pc1 use how to do things?


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Short answer is No.
What your are descirbing (shadowing a console session) is not supported in the environment you have described above.
However; there are many third party software products that will do this quite well.
I personnaly use TeamViewer which is available for free for personal non-commercial use.
Other suggest that CrossLoop is a good option. There are several that will do the same thing you just need to decide which one you prefer.
For a paid commercial use version I highly recommend GoToAssist Express by Citrix there is a 30 day trial. I have personally used this and like it a lot but it is kinda pricey, unless you are doing a lot of remote support that you can recoup the expense.

i do have team viewer and i am using it. just wondered if there was another way. ty for the help

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