Windows 7 Remote Desktop Connection


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May 6, 2009
I have upgraded my Vista to Windows 7 RC but can no longer use the Remote Desktop Connection in Accessories to connect to the Desktop of a server running Windows 2008. The message is that there is no license available for the client. This was working under Vista.
I would get 7100 and do a clean install mate. I did several upgrades from various builds an dthings slowly got worse and worse. I did a clean install and although a pain in the A, its running sweet.
Before installing Win 7 I installed Win Server 2008 to see if it would work as a workstation (way too much armor <G>). I noticed the remote desktop server required client licenses to be installed within 30 or 60 days. Maybe that is your issue -- a limitation on the server end? Just a guess but Vista probably had the credentials it was looking for and Win 7 doesn't.
Remote desktop connection not working

I'm using win 7 rc 7100. I'm working home and can't remote desktop to my office machine running XP Pro from win 7 but can connect to the same office machine using my home XP Pro machine. Any ideas?
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