Remoter Printing XP to Windows 7


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Just installed W7 yesterday and found out that I'm no longer able to print from my XP box. Prior to the installation of W7, I could easily work on my XP machine (I write code on it) and submit jobs to the printer connected to my Vista machine.

When I submit a job to print and get a 'access denied' error.

I can see the W7 box, using explorer on XP, and can easily share file(s), by issuing the W7 IP (ie: \\

What's Up with W7?

Did I mess things up or is this another issue with the UAP?????

I'm getting tired to copying files, via explorer, to print.


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Yup, me again.

I spoke too soon. I CANNOT see the W7 machine via explorer on XP.

I keep getting 'access denied'. So how to I allow my XP machine to share files and printers?????

What changed??


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For a place on the web that explained the need to configure the printer to enable sharing.

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