Windows 7 Remove dual boot and use XP mode


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Jan 29, 2009
Now that I have used XP Mode enough to feel safe with it, I want to remove the dual boot from my system. My boot drive has two partitions. Drive C boots to Windows 7 and D boots to XP. If I format drive D will I still be able to boot up in Windows 7?

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Cygnus333 (Chris)
What you should do to get the space up to 7 is first go on the start orb from windows 7 and right-click on computer and select manage. Then click disk management. Wait for it then look for where it shows C. Now select delete. After that right-click your windows 7 partition and click extend partition and go through it. Now the space from the xp bit is added to windows 7 section.

If you need any more help just ask.
Thanks for the info. So far I have deleted the volume containing XP which was the D: drive in this case. It is now unallocated. It appears that I cannot extend the volume with Win7, the C: drive. There is nothing under 'Available'. Could this be because that the disk (Disk0) is Basic? I do have the option to convert the disk to dynamic. Please advise.
Thank you.
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