Renamed pc, problems with network structure


I have a computer that used to be a pc in our den that I recently made my main media storage in basement, on that computer i changed the name to BasementMedia (vs denpc).

I tried
ipconfig /flushdns
ipconfig /registerdns

but when I restarted it In network i still see denpc i'd like to remove that if possible, is this something I can do or do I just have to keep seeing denpc in the network list?
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Also after renaming, that BasementMedia pc will not show up in homegroup listings on the other pcs, I tried leaving and rejoining the homegroup but still no luck, I can access it thru network to view files, but it used to be visable under homegroup listings for fast access to video folder.
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So when you renamed it the dns didn't update?
Screenshot (225).png

Is the network controlled by a server dns or just the router and a dhcp... I'd assume you still have the same ip address as before and thats the issue? If so then the fix is to reserve a new ip to that mac address which should work or the router/ server dns can be flushed but that is much more extreme.