Rep Power?

I see here MVPs having a post count of ~83 and Rep Power of nearly 5k - how can that be when everyone else gets some 2 point for 1 posting?

any logic behind this?

WOW, no one got a clue how the rep power system works here!?



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The reputation system is something that's hard to get your foot in the door with - the more rep power you have, the more you give.
Hence getting ~2 points from a new member etc..
At the end of the day, all the matters is that you have green bars, not red.
More info can be found at Windows 7 Forums FAQ

I think it's a little dumb myself.. I shall mention this at our next staff meeting, which I believe is sometime this month.


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The reputation power was being incorrectly calculated - not sure why, I remember this has happened in the past too.

Mike said:
We have noticed some people have been undeniably exploiting the reputation system, and because of that (noones reputation has been taken away), the reputation power formula has been changed. Thanks to some info from Captain Jack, you would have to work very hard to gain boosted rep. Let us take for example, this [username removed] fellow. He's on the site for 30 days and has a reputation level that is almost the same as Ross, who has been on the site for like 5 years... this will not happen anymore. Since the system is supposed to reflect an honest reputation and not a gigantic one, the formula has been recalc'd.
So this means a single person will not be able to hand out insane amounts of reputation in one shot..

Also a little more that was scattered throughout the thread in our staff forum:

Mike said:
Some members had achieved so much reputation, because the rep power calculation was too high, they were able to literally, max out somones reputation bars in one rep up. When I say recalc'd I mean your reputation power is about 10x less than what it used to be, there is a larger spread, so you can't just give rep to 4 people then give it to the same guy/gal again, and you will never know what your rep power actually is: only your reputation
Also you can only give reputation to 1 person in a given 24 hour period.
So things should be back to normal with that.. at least for a while.

Hope this info is good news to you :), I know it is for me personally.


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As you must know, reputation power is derived from the user reputation itself. How it will work now will take awhile to propogate, and it is important to point out that noone has had their reputation taken away. The goal of the system is not to be a show off, it is to give you something to look forward to accumulating or using. But one person should not be able to give someone 80,000 reputation points for one post. It has been fixed. But it will take time to actually show as fixed.

don't forget to give ME reps for bringing up this thread (sigh)

well I would definitely expect reputations to be adjusted for everyone who abused the system.

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Its a system you can opt in and out of, and I was unaware that you even made this thread. It had nothing to do with any request. The problem is a natural consequence of people just gaining a lot of reputation power, and after a long period of time, spreading that reputation to others. After awhile, everyone becomes capable of giving out mass amounts of additional reputation. The system will need to be readjusted, probably many times, to ensure that a fair distribution is going on. However the requiremeents are now much more strict, which should encourage even long term members to still use the system, but think carefully about who they will give reputation to. For example, I am unlikely to give you any reputation for this thread, since I can only use that ability once a day, and such incessant sighing has not solved any problems. :-o

no worries, Mike, I really can't care less! >:/

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