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    I have a desktop PC with confused partitions (see image below).

    1) C: 62.50 GB NTFS (3 GB free speace, about 2%, that's a problem)
    2) 8 MB unallocated
    3) "Add to C2" 66 MB NTFS
    4) 39.97 GB Free space
    5) D: "Data" 195.54 GB NTFS

    I'd like to combine 1, 2, 3, and 4 into one partition. And then repartition in a way that allows me to install Linux (two ext3 partitions? one for swap disk?).

    How can I do that? Is that complicated with GParted?
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    Very straightforward using gparted or easeus both of which are very good free partition managers. Obviously, if there is any data in any partition which you need you should secure it to one of the other drives. You can then remove any logical drives and partitions to leave you a single contiguous space which you may then use to extend drive C and partition the remainder as required.
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