Windows 7 Right side of Form window cut off


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When I open certain application the right side of the window is cut off. Halfway through a button even. I have the display set to smaller, DPI set to 100% and even set the program to run in windows xp compatibility mode but nothing seems to work. Weird thing is, it displays properly on other windows 7 machines. Help.
You might try right clicking the desktop and select personalization. Then select the Window Color option at the bottom, then Advanced appearance settings.

In the Item selection box, look for Message Box and see what Font it is using. It should be Segoe UI size 9. There is a possibility the wrong font is being used, and if the program is older, it might be related.

If not that, what screen resolutions are used on the system it seems to work with?
Hey Saltgrass, I'm running 1680x1050 for screen resolution. The message box font and size are set to what you've indicated. Do you know if this font/size is what most older programs like to use or should I try a different one?
The machine it is working on is a virtual machine and the settings on it are the same as my laptop.