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    ESET Knowledgebase - Reports of rogue ESET Smart Security malware
    Reports of rogue ESET Smart Security malware
    News ID: NEWS107|Last Revised: October 06, 2010 We have received reports of a rogue security software program disguised with a false ESET Smart Security image.
    This type of infiltration is known as scareware, which claims to be legitimate security software but is actually malware itself.
    ESET does not advertise security software by installing anything to your computer. Current ESET customers who suspect an infection on their computer should visit the following ESET Knowledgebase article:
    I think my computer has a virus – what should I do?
    If you are a customer of another security vendor besides ESET and have the rogue Smart Security malware on your computer, follow the steps in the ESET Knowledgebase article linked above, substituting your current security software in steps 3 and 4, or contact your security software vendor.
    If you are not a customer and you currently do not have security software, visit our Free Antivirus Utilities page to run the ESET Online Scanner and to use our Spyware Removal and Antivirus Tools.

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