Router virus.

Hello all.

I have this router ( smcwbr14-sn2 ) and a week ago I upgraded my router's firmware to a newer version ( 00.00.20).

Now I dont know what happened but I cant downgrade my firmware when I do a factory default reset.

I dont know if it is a virus, if it is my fault because I was asking help on a costumer-made forum of my ISP. Someone had the same problem as me and he send me the last firmware, the one he was using and he sayd it fixed his problem. So I asked him the firmware and installed it. It fixed my disconnection errors but now If I do a factory default reset, the firmware wont downgrade!! Everything else goes to factory default but the firmware stays the same!


lol The firmware is supposed to stay the same. The only thing that changes it is when you install a different version.

If it fixed disconnection errors, enjoy.

ok thanks for telling me that . But I had to reformat my computer and the router because my dad thinks he got a virus on his computer and affected the whole network.

He told me he couldnt acess some bank website to pay his bills online and now he says it'sa virus. Could my non-legit firmware upgrade have caused that?

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