Windows 7 Rumours of Price begining to emerge....


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May 9, 2009
As I commented in a previous thread....

Well, An IT System Admin friend of mine had a 'teleconference' with MS on the subject of Win7 the other day; when I was talking with him, he asked me if there was anything I wanted to know about Win7? I ( in a 'tongue-in-cheek' mode) said yeah, ask them 'how much they're going to charge for the Retail versions?

To be honest, I didn't seriously expect him to ask, or even get a response, but, it turned out they did give an answer of sorts!...
The reply was....

...Microsoft aren't releasing their pricing structure yet, but it'll be interesting for everyone concerned....

It was that last part that I found intriguing...."but it'll be interesting for everyone concerned" Could we be in for a surprise?

Hmmm! ;)

News is coming via a leaked Memo Link Removed

That they may well be offering a low-price deal for Windows7 after all... Let's hope this applies across all Markets :)

Fingers Crossed! :)
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i should like to thinks so too but if history is anything to go by M$ will take us the average joe public for everything they can....:mad:

I i ever had special pricing for being onboard since win 3.11 (With the notable and excusable exception of Vista) EEEEERRRR NOOOO is it likley to change now ...... nope i dont think so...