SATA install issue

I have an odd issue installing 7100 on SATA drives.

Here's my drive configuration:

SATA 0 - WD Raptor 36GB (Operating System)
SATA 2 - WD 250GB (Program Files)
SATA 3 - WD 250GB (Data / Media libraries)

I want to install the OS to the 36GB drive. In the Windows installer I see the two 250GB drives, but not the 36GB drive. If I click Browse to load driver I can see and navigate around the 36GB drive. I previously had Win 7 Beta installed to one of the 250GB drives and I could use the 36GB drive without any issues.

So Win7 can see and use the 36GB drive no problem, but the installer cant see it, except if I click browse to load a driver.

Any ideas?


and did you load the driver?
I would disconnect the other 2, just so you don't do something wrong to them.

Get the driver from the motherboard manufacturer and use that from (i think you can use an external drive or thumb drive) and load it. See if that works.

I have disconnected the two 250gb drivers - and did try loading the driver, however the driver is not approproate for the hardware.

I would think if it was a driver issue then it wouldn't see any drives at all. Plus it can see the 36G drive just fine when I browse for a driver. This is a reinstall, and I dont recall having an issue when I first installed.

Actually,,, I ahve had this problem a couple times..... Re-burn the 7 disk at the slowest speed possible.
You actually may not need a driver to load at all,, it's may just be a problem with the install disk.

I apologize that I forgot about this similar issue I had.

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Thanks, I hadn't thought of that. I've used this same disc numerous times on other machines without issues, but you never know, these damn things can be tempermental.

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