Windows 7 Saving several pages


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Q. I have windows 7 running mostly Firefox. Some of the add ons are helpful but it's difficult for a senior with RBS (rotting brain syndrome) to find the easiest way to save a tutorial which is several pages long. I can turn on IE and possibly use that. Maybe I can save it as an MHT but how is that done now ? I didn't want it hiding away in some obscure place, just a folder on the desktop. BTW, does IE have any add ons now ? Ad blockers and privacy ware ? Thanks and stay well .... Ray
Internet Explorer is more or less end of life as is Windows 7. You're opening yourself up to being compromised. I'd recommend either going to Windows 10 or move to a Linux distribution such as Mint which is fairly easy to use relative to Windows. There are ways to download web pages, but most methods are going to involve command line methods, plus you'd need to modify all of the resources if you want to point them to local resources rather than the URLs.