Windows 7 Scanners are not working under W7 7057 64b


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I have 2 "all-in-one" units connected via Ethernet, to 3 computers running Built 7057, 64bit..
1. Samsung CLX-3175 - The 64bit printer drivers install well. The Scanner drivers and utility won't install.
2. HP3310 - Same story. The printer drivers are fine, but the Scanner utility won't install.

I can access the scanners via their IP address and scan on line... but I cannot access any computer from the scanners themselves.

any ideas?
I use an Epson V100 Photo scanner.

Its TWAIN utility installed on X64 build 7000, but not on 7048 or 7057.

It's OK under 7068, though.

(Photoshop CS3 worked under 7000, but not 7048 or 7057. It also doesn't work under 7068, although the symptoms are different. CS4 seems to be OK.)