Screen - jagged text issues using HDTV/Monitor - LG FLATRON M1962D

Discussion in 'Windows 7 Graphics' started by alex_ncfc, Aug 19, 2012.

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    Hello, hoping someone can help me with this slight issue.

    For the last few years I've used a laptop display and always been satisfied with the display but my laptop has decided to completely destroy itself, so I am using my old desktop PC. I don't have a monitor so at first was using it on a 32 inch TV which was far too big, and also not the best quality, but now I am currently using a 19 Inch wide screen HDTV/PC monitor (it says this on the screen itself so I assume it is designed for this purpose as well as being used for a TV)

    The screen is an LG FLATRON M1962D model, and I have it connected by DVI-to-DVI on my Nvidia 8800GT. The screen output in general seems fine, but the text is noticeably jagged. This is even with ClearType turned on (looks much worse when off!) and it is uncomfortable on the eye. Also images seem to have a bit of sharpness/blotchiness about them - this is noticeable on the Windows 7 login screen background, yet I am running 32-bit colour.

    I am running the monitor at its native resolution of 1360x768, but because it is the native resolution, I expected the text to be perfect and crystal clear, like it was on my Acer laptop, which also ran its native resolution.

    Any ideas?


    Example - see the blotched colours on the VodaFone advert, and the jagged text (that's if it shows like this on other people's machines!)

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    Have you tested the monitor on any other computers?

    Does it have another input source? DVI are normally the best, but some units, like perhaps Samsung, will have combination DVI/HDMI inputs and using the HDMI version can lead to fuzzy text. You might check the unit's menu to see if there are any settings to alter certain types of inputs.

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