Selecting on the desktop help!

Anyone know how to change the outline of the selected area on the desktop from the dots that are about a pixel apart to a solid color. I went into the advanced color settings, to selected items, and changed that color to what I wanted it to be, but the outline for selecting an area is still the dotted lines. Anyone kow a fix? This is for Win 7 HP x64 btw. Thanks. :)

I'm using Win 7/64. The selection area on mine appears as a translucent colored box bounded by a bright, solid line. I haven't changed any related settings. so the default appears to be a solid line.

Probably some screen shots would help better.

Gavin Oscur

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However, going through Personalize > Window Color > Advanced appearance settings > Item: Selected Items and changing that color, it changes the color right here in the Reply box to your edited color when you push left-click and mouse over a line of text, as in selecting for copying/cutting. It doesn't change the Selected Item color in Windows Explorer, or in Word (it has its own customizations).

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