Windows 7 Sells, Laverty and Flasko: Entity Framework 4, oData and PDC10

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    Chris Sells takes us on a small tour (two offices and a few hallways) in one of the Data Framework and Modeling Group's buildings (interesting - the same building the C9 team launched C9 from 6+ years ago: Building 18). The goal here is to get a sense of what's new in Entity Framework 4 and oData. We do this the old fashioned way: impromptu conversation with some members of the teams who make this stuff. Chris is a great MC and I suspect you will be happy with what you learn and who you meet here.

    Code-First in EF4 is very cool -> you build your DB and data model in code...first. Sit back, relax and enjoy the ride. We begin the journey in a small office that Chris does not work in. Then we drop by Tim Laverty's office to talk turkey about EF4 and Code First. Then, we amble over to Mike Flasko's office to interrogate him on oData (what's the big deal, anyway - what is it, exactly, is it open or closed? Etc.., etc...)




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