Server 2012 with win 8.1 clients - Documents not printing

We have migrated to server 2012 (64 bit) with win 8.1 clietns (64 bit) and a new domain also. We have installed dotmatrix/laserjet and passbook printers in the local clients and shared them. The printers have been added in the local server. Now we have a common problem in all branch offices that the printing of passbooks or other print jobs in the dotmatrix printers display "Document sent to printer" but no printing takes place. We have to go the server and stop/start print spooler services every now and then and continue printing. We have removed HP laserjets installed in the clients suspecting corrupt driver files but still the printing problems exists. Pl guide.


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Sounds like the printer ports are shutting down to save power or because they don’t respond correctly to the wake-up protocols but you didn’t give us anywhere near enough info.
What kind of printer connections are we talking about… firewire, ip or usb?
Why is the printer shared on the local server instead of having its own print server (by router or just internally) and what type of machine is the local server i.e virtual, desktop, server(#) or laptop?
How much traffic is the print server handling… how many computers per local server, how far apart are the jobs and what kind of maintenance system is in place?

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