Server slows down to a crawl, but works fine after a restart for a while...

Long story short, we have a machine with Win Server 2012 that becomes unusably slow after a period of time. Usually about a week. Meaning you can't access shared drives or it takes forever, you can't RDP or teamviewer in, and when I go to the actual server, its not usable either. It will take 10 minutes for the screen to come up for me to enter the user password. Then when I get in, folders and programs say "not responding" often and are basically unusable. Restarting it fixes it and makes it completely normal again for a while.

It has a RAID5 and the HP RAID software says the drives are good. I did a memory test (memtest64) from within windows for 1 hour and no issues. I ran sfc /scannow and everything is fine with that too. Not sure what's causing the problem and if its hardware or software related. Any ideas?

Xeon E5-2620 v4 @ 2.1GHz, 16 gigs ram, 3x 600GB hard drives in a RAID5. Windows Server 2012, symantec endpoint protection, and malwarebytes premium are on it. We basically have a medical program that doesn't use much resources that run off the server and some basic file sharing with excel, word and pdf files mostly, etc... Also checked logs and don't see anything weird.


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I'd say you need to run some performance counters on it and see if the resource consumption changes. Without being able to see the server I'd wager you have some application with a memory leak. Once you start hitting 95% memory utilization you will see huge performance degradation.