windows server 2012

  1. W

    Server slows down to a crawl, but works fine after a restart for a while...

    Long story short, we have a machine with Win Server 2012 that becomes unusably slow after a period of time. Usually about a week. Meaning you can't access shared drives or it takes forever, you can't RDP or teamviewer in, and when I go to the actual server, its not usable either. It will take 10...
  2. H

    Windows moves program to background processes

    Hi, maybe someone can help me with this. I´m a support engineer for a software company. I´m in the middle of testing a software product and noticed a very strange behavior. The software is built on c++/qt and communicates with the ms sql server (sql server 2014 on windows server 2012 x64). It...
  3. Sarge14141

    Windows Server Activation

    Have problems activating Windows Server? This video will show a shortcut to solve the problem. Also works in Windows 7 all the way thru to Windows 10.
  4. A

    black desktop and grey taskbar after reimaging the server

    Hi We have a scripted process that takes an Windows 2012 R2 image -> Deploy the server from this image -> run sysprep on the server -> shutdown the server -> Take an image(second image) of the server. For some strange reason, the machines deployed from the second image all have black color...
  5. P

    Windows Server 2012 - creating raid-0 during installation

    Hi, is it possible to create raid-0 before or during Windows Server 2012 installation on system partition?