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windows server 2012

  1. R

    Window Server 2012 Login/Password Issues (But our workstations are still connected and we did not change the password)

    For some reason we are having trouble accessing our server (windows server 2012) but our workstations (Windows 11) are still connected to it. We have never changed the password so we are not sure what is going on. When we go into windows credentials and see the server there is no show button so...
  2. F

    gpupdate fail - error "access denied" sporadically - event 1058 and 1096

    Hello there, I'm asking some help about a problem that we are facing since ages. The problem : PC on domain sometimes can't do a gpupdate /force and get the following error in terminal : Sometimes, its the gpt.ini that cannot be read, sometimes its the \Machine\registry.pol file. Always the...
  3. W

    Server slows down to a crawl, but works fine after a restart for a while...

    Long story short, we have a machine with Win Server 2012 that becomes unusably slow after a period of time. Usually about a week. Meaning you can't access shared drives or it takes forever, you can't RDP or teamviewer in, and when I go to the actual server, its not usable either. It will take 10...
  4. H

    Windows moves program to background processes

    Hi, maybe someone can help me with this. I´m a support engineer for a software company. I´m in the middle of testing a software product and noticed a very strange behavior. The software is built on c++/qt and communicates with the ms sql server (sql server 2014 on windows server 2012 x64). It...
  5. Sarge14141

    Windows Server Activation

    Have problems activating Windows Server? This video will show a shortcut to solve the problem. Also works in Windows 7 all the way thru to Windows 10.
  6. A

    black desktop and grey taskbar after reimaging the server

    Hi We have a scripted process that takes an Windows 2012 R2 image -> Deploy the server from this image -> run sysprep on the server -> shutdown the server -> Take an image(second image) of the server. For some strange reason, the machines deployed from the second image all have black color...
  7. P

    Windows Server 2012 - creating raid-0 during installation

    Hi, is it possible to create raid-0 before or during Windows Server 2012 installation on system partition?