Windows moves program to background processes

Hi, maybe someone can help me with this.

I´m a support engineer for a software company. I´m in the middle of testing a software product and noticed a very strange behavior.
The software is built on c++/qt and communicates with the ms sql server (sql server 2014 on windows server 2012 x64). It is itself a testing tool and is supposed to run for several days under relatively heavy cpu/memory load.

After apr. 3 to 4 days the gui of the software suddenly disappeared.
At first I thought it might have crashed but then I noticed that the log files the software creates were still filled with information. So I checked the task manager and saw that windows moved the process from "Apps" to "Background Processes". The taskbar icon was also gone, I was not able to open the gui anymore.

This happens every time I try to test the software. I never encountered behavior like this in any Windows version I worked with.

Has anyone ever experienced this? What can I do?
Is there a way to bring my software from the background processes back to the apps section in the task manager?

Any help appreciated.

Many thanks and best regards

You could try Windows Debugger (WinDbg), but it sounds like the GUI is being reloaded and your task is not refreshing it's icon


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is this server a Virtual-system? ... if it runs out of ram/ cpu cycles thats expected behaviour

Hi, thanks for suggestions.

No, it is not a Virtual-System, but a problem with memory shortness might be a good tip. The machine has 32 GB Ram, but it has to run a lot of memory intensive software. So far, I was convinced, that Windows is able to take care of problems like this (swap file,...). When a memory problem could be the cause of this behavior, at least I have a place to look for problems.
Thanks again and best regards

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