Set to Share with 'Nobody' but Sharing Anyhow?!

Hi everyone,

So I recently purchased another laptop, meaning I have two, and they are both on the same network. Now, my ideal situation would be to be able to share files between my two laptops, preferably with a password prompt, but with no one else on the network (being 4 other people). Right now I can access my main 'User' folder containing all of my important documents from either laptop (i.e. I can access files on my samsung laptop from my sony and vice versa) but the thing is.. the folder is set to share with nobody! So it should not even be showing up! This makes me highly concerned as other people may be able to access my files and mess with them. I thought maybe it was because my user name is the same on each laptop (but the laptop names themselves are not the same).

Can anyone help me with this issue? Both laptops are running Windows 7... one is professional (32-bit) and the other is home premium (64-bit).



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