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hai all

i'm new in windows 7, how i want to record musics from youtube. for an examples i play music in youtube, and then i using the sound recorder. how i want to use sound recorder to record the musics play in youtube? i already google it, and none of it can solve this. what i understand is i need to setting it in the recording tab. my recording tab just show the following devices
- microphone in front jack
- microphone in rear jack
- Line in HD audio device
- Digital audio (S/PDIF)

i put my microphone in rear jack. So i did test my mic with the recording application, when i record, what i say is recorded, but when i play musics in windows media player is not recorded. My understanding is, there is 2 things in doing this, either using stereo mix or Mic which is in my case, i'm not using stereo mix but i'm using mic (correct me if i'm mistaken). So any idea to solve my problem? or did my onboard sound card nut support this features? but using windows XP its runs well. thanks in advance

p/s: forgive me if i'm in a wrong sections

What you're trying to do can be achieved very simply; you're using an over-complicated method to get the music you want.

1) Use KeepVid (KeepVid: Download and save any video from Youtube, Dailymotion, Metacafe, iFilm and more!) to download the FLV file of your youtube video.
2) Download FLV Extract (
3) Run FLV Extract, then deselect all the options except Audio. DRAG and DROP your FLV file into the FLV Extract window.

In the same folder that the FLV Extract executable is located, you will find an MP3 file which contains only the audio of the video you originally downloaded.

Regards, Zaparak.

thanks for reply.. well actually its not the main purpose which is i want to record music from the youtube. It is actually the same concepts if i want to play music in yahoo chatroom :D. It is windows 7 forum, then it is not suitable if i'm asking about yahoo messenger here.

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