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The time displayed on the task bar is 1 hour later than it should be; it now reads 9:50 AM when it is really 8:50 AM. The date/time settings, including adjusting for daylight savings time are all set on automatic - the time shown there is also incorrect. How can I make the correction? Thank you. Sid Leonard

Hi Try clicking on the time and date! Then click on Date and Time Settings at the bottom of the calendar!

Hi Try clicking on the time and date! Then click on Date and Time Settings at the bottom of the calendar!
Thank you, that worked. Sid Leonard


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I need mine at local time zone, but, for ease of using, my region is set to the country of my native language - UK. On automatic, this can cause problems, particular when it comes round to the absurd and obsolete "daylight saving" time. For that reason, I always have mine set to manual. Works for me.

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Amazingly. I didn't have to mess with mine when the time changed this time, but I have had to in the past!


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thanks for opening the original post, rochana … i had noticed the issue a couple days ago. in going to bottom-right of desktop screen … i went ahead and disabled auto-dst … now the time was correct … but, come 11-6-2016 … i would have to manually change the clock.

i then brought up win-10's control-panel and opened the "date/time" interface. third tab (internet time) … change settings … synchronize was already enabled … "update now" produced no results … only an error stating the website-server was inactive. chose another server directly below … same issue. finally the server at "" allowed for correcting the time discrepancy.

i then went back to the interface bottom-right corner of desktop and switched auto-dst back on … time finally held true. if the issue reverts tomorrow after i reboot the pc … i will append my post here.

in hindsight, while none of the above posts resolved the issue … i definitely appreciated the efforts.

in retrospect … i completely agree with davehc's challenge regarding the (dis)continuation of daylight-savings-time.


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thanks, holdum333 … am reasonably sure my config earlier resolved the situation. the laptop is less than two years old … the cmos battery is almost brand-new. if not … could be a glitch in the win-10 upgrade i performed. :up:

OK ! Keep us informed! How did you up grade to W10. Did you use the media creation tool??


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I would just verify the following. Check to make sure your BIOS/UEFI time is set correctly. Log into Windows and verify the timezone is set correctly then verify the time is correct. If you live somewhere that adheres to daylight savings time then also make sure that is selected.

Hi Sid Leonard,
If you click on the clock in the taskbar there is a option for date and time settings. In this menu you will see a hyperlink in a grey box to another menu labeled "CHANGE" change date and time. In this sub-menu you will be able to rectify the issue you have with the incorrect date and time. Hope this solved your problem.


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