Setting up a raid 1 configuration

I have 2 hard drives both 500 gigs. One currently has Win Vista 32 Ulti, the second Win 7 64 bit. I do not use the Vista because it is so slow. How do I set up a raid 1 to mirror my Win 7 64 HD and erase the Vista 32? Or will doing this erase both drives and start from new? Or do I have to format the Vista 32 HD first?

Thx for your help

Hello and welcome to Windows7Forums. : )

If your motherboard has RAID controller, you can set up mirror raid. Your motherboard manual will tell you more.

Mirror raid - backs up
Stripe raid - increases speed

SATA RAID/AHCI Mode <- bios option. After choosing raid, you have to configure RAID by pressing certain key sequence right after POST. (That's what I did to configure my raid to stripe [or mirror if I needed it])

But do I have to first format the Vista 32 HD and or will switching to raid mirror ERASE both drives no matter what?

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