Windows 10 Share Windows Document Scanner with OSX, Linux, Android


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Jul 4, 2021
I have been working on a solution to share a Windows scanner with MacOS, Linux and Android.

I have nearly competed the project for basic scanning functionality and now and would like to find people who can test.

If you have a working scanner on your Windows computer (Windows 7 though 10) and have the need to sometimes scan from Linux, MacOS or Android , this may be the solution for you. It will not share a scanner from Windows to Windows unless there is a generic eSCL scanner driver for "Driverless Scanning" on Windows that I am unaware of. Linux, MacOS and Android can all use "Driverless Scanning" which is effectively how I share the Windows Scanner with this solution

Aside from the PHP code I have you will need:
XAMPP for Windows
Download XAMPP (built and tested with PHP 8))
CMDTwain Easy Document Scanning Freeware - CmdTwain by GssEziSoft
Bonjour Print Services for Windows Download Bonjour Print Services for Windows v2.0.2 (only needed if conectitng to a Mac or need Automatic Detection on Android or Linux)

Please contact me if you would like to help improve this product. There is no cost and the program will most likely be open source or freeware

markosjal AT gmail
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