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Mar 25, 2006
Y'all are making far too big a deal over the Start screen. I used the DP for months; now the Beta non-stop since 29/2. Hardly ever visit Start. The lack of the old Start Menu & Windows orb is completely meaningless. The OS works just fine, as is. Between the following, there is noise & a fuss being made over nothing:
1. Start can be quickly & easily personalised...unneeded, wanted tiles can be removed.
2. Focus is on Desktop - that is where we live & work. Start is not critical.
3. Apps are not refined or finished, yet.
4. Apps of no interest... remove them.
5. It takes little time to learn Win8 and it is easy to use.
6. Attitude is the blockage not, the OS.
7. The technical aspects, noticeable improvements & very impressive performance make this OS shine for much more valuable reasons than, a button or not.
8. Keyboard shortcuts, Quick Launch, Pinning, Links, terrific Search & cool navigation & manipulation available
All adds up to make Win8 fast, smooth & fun.

I have always been a big fan of Windows7 but, 8 is faster, simpler, easier & w/ it's performance superiority will afford enjoyable & safe computing and greater ROI.

We've known for a long time mice would be antiques soon. 32-bit is in its waning days. Right now there is no obligation... not for Touch or to get hung up by a Start screen or Apps... one does not have to use any of it. If, it is presented, w/ bias & little guidance, to ppl then, maybe, even more than, 23 won't be open to discovering it. Took me a day or 2 to appreciate it. Once 1 gets to know the OS, it rapidly grows on a person!

I would not be hesitant, @ all, to present Windows8 to my IT clients. Certainly there's a learning curve... is it worth it? YES. Is it a big deal? … NO. I'm nearly 60 & it was a cinch. Youth will love it. And, BTW, welcome to the future... it's only just begun, there lots more to come... some will be in your lifetime.

Like with every OS, since '98, I've taken over the desktop, tweaked it and tuned it, added to it and subtracted from it to make it my own.

I've tracked down all the little things I use regularly, like MSCONFIG, regedit, Services and System Restore and put them on my new (Win-8) desktop, in their own folder, of course.
I even added my own "Quick Shutdown" icon, and the Programs folder, which sub's for the start menu.
I never go to START to stop. I always found that to be just plain Stupid anyway.
Instead, I go from Shutdown to OFF in about five to 8 seconds. It works best for me.

I'm not done with the spit and polish yet, but that comes later. I do have what I need, on the Desktop.

Now I just need to package it all up in one file, or package, to transfer to other installs of Win-8. That shouldn't be much of a stretch.

I just wonder, how many other things will change, between the Beta version and the final Release of Win-8. ???

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