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    I have two computers with windows 7. Desktop is connected through cable and laptop through wireless connection.
    I want to share files on desktop. So I have right-click on e: and y: on desktop and set them to be shared.
    I see them and I access them with my laptop except for +mp3 directory, which path is e:\+mp3. I tried to share that folder itself but it makes no difference (when shared separatelly it is listed among network places). My advanced sharing settings are:
    _ network is home network
    _ turn on network discovery
    _ turn on file nad printer sharing
    _ turn on sharing so anyone with network access can read and write files in the public folders
    _ all the media is clicked under media streaming
    _ enable file sharing for devices that uses 40- or 56-bit encryption
    _ turn off password procetced sharing
    _ allow windows to manage homegroup connections

    settings are the same on both computers.

    second problem is that I have set to read write and full control in the sharing but I am not allowed to erase files or unpack rar files from laptop.

    When I try to delete or unpack file located on desktop using laptop I get this warrning:
    you require permission from S-1-5-21-2669962211-865993366-3033801785-500 to make change to this file

    What can I do?
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