Sick of windows 10


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OK! Let's talk in a simple way. Which win 10 version you are having there. Is it 1803 or 1809? Have you made the update settings to ask before updating or made it update automatically and even without your permission do the restart . There is an option at windows update settings that before restart ask for your permission to wait in the restart or restart now. The apps issue can be disabled as well. Click Settings ,Apps, then choose whatever you want to enable and disable. Can even prevent them from collecting location and info. Apps can be uninstalled if not a main apps that Microsoft did. Although I could uninstall some Microsoft game apps as it is a piece of cake :).


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I'm just a guy who is sick of useless updates, useless apps, useless pre-installed programs and uselss RAM and CPU using stuff.
I was wondering : Is there any way, or any alternative to windows 10 which has no updates ( like, never, ok, maybe security updates, but ONLY security updates ), no "windows features" "animations" "services" like the ones which make your RAM and CPU usage 150% after EVERY TINY UPDATE.
I mean, I like windows but not this kind of windows :D
Can't remember exactly, for there were different processes, but the most common one is the "System" process. (ntoskrnl)

Something tells me that you are installing and handling Windows (10) in a totally wrong way..
The easiest part would be to install and use a professional windows installation for a while and see if you do not agree more with that..

But have you checked in the: view reliability history function to look for fixes?

since you experiense so many issues with simple thing like Windows updates there really IS something wrong with your computer... and perhaps you also suffer from various malwares.. so a PROPER reinstall would really be needed!