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I understand that there is no sidebar on Windows 7, but there are still desktop gadgets. Whenever I try to open 'Desktop Gadget Gallery' nothing happens. Anybody got the same problem? I have the beta installed on two machines and they both have the same problem.
I have the same problem. Initially I could add gadgets but then the facility stopped working and the gadgets disappeared.
Why should the gadgets be ‘related’ to UAC?

It’s as though it’s a punishment “You’ve turned off UAC, so we (Microsoft) are not allowing you to see the gadgetsâ€Â￾.
Apparently this is a bug in 7, although quite a strange one... I have the same problem so rest assured its not your system :D
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[lang=tr]please ; helpppp meee---- windows 7 sidebar is problem[/lang]
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I've heard of this. Yet I have UAC set to Never notify / Off. And I have sidebar gadgets working. Have done since day one. Weird.

Must be glad to be able to get back in here if I'm answering 18 month old OP!!
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