Windows 7 Silverlight TV 44: Top Four Questions from the WCF RIA Services Forum


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Today on Silverlight TV, Deepesh Mohnani*answers four of the questions most frequently asked in the*popular WCF RIA Services forums.*This is a great episode to watch and the first in a periodic series from the RIA Services team in which we will address the top questions from developers.

In this episode, Deepesh addresses the following questions:

POCO model

  • How do I pull data from a non-ef data source?
  • How do I do CUD on that?
Client Side Computed Properties

  • How do I create a client side computed property like total amount?
  • How do I update a computed property when one of the dependency property changes?
Protect my service

  • How do I control access to methods?
  • How do I control access by Roles?
Windows Authentication

  • How do I enable Windows Authentication?
  • How do I integrate with Active Directory properties?
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