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Windows 7 Single website falls to load content in proper format


New Member
Jun 19, 2016
I am trying to access aliexpress which has always worked in the past; however, the website now displays without formatting and will not respond when I click on links within the page. The problem exists in both Google Chrome and Internet Explorer and only happens to that particular website. I cleared my cache and cookies, tried refreshing using Control+F5, and restarted my computer but nothing has worked thus far. Any advice regarding what is wrong and how I can fix this problem would be greatly appreciated. Below is a screenshot of the webpage for reference. Thank you!

I'm thinking of three possibilities, listed in order of which they might be the culprit..

1) You have a virus or malware infection hijacking your browser traffic and modifying it
2) Your running security software such as Norton 360, etc that is misbehaving and misshaping your internet traffic.
3) A very odd issue with your route to the destination server such as MTU packet size issues, DNS issues, or route hop issues.

Let's start with #1
I would encourage you to run Malwarebytes and ADWCleaner and let it remove anything found, and report back if that changes anything for you.