I want to be able to see the size of a folder or file when I hover the mouse over it, but it doesn't seem to work. I have the option 'display folder size information in folder tips' selected... Is there something I'm missing? Ideally I'd like to display folder size in the column like you can with files, but I understand MS decided not to let us make our own decisions about having this and didn't include it again.


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Sorry,. there is no tooltip for that


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You're right Drew,. I clicked on the C: drive and it didn't work,. buy the I opened ny Programs Files folder and behold,. it'd there.

NICE calll!!

Thanks for the replies :) However, I can't get it to work! No matter how many times I point at files or folders, or how long I leave the pointer there, nothing!

Thanks you :)

The second box wasn't checked but the other 2 were... I checked the 2nd, still the same problem!

lol, thanks again :)

Boo Yah!! That sorted it, thanks a LOT for your help!!

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