Windows 7 Skype Schannel Error

Joe S

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I haven't seen it...I'm using 7 & 8 and and I've just uninstalled WLE and then uninstalled skype and reinstalled skype getting the latest version. I never update the software, just clean's a bit over kill but it works for me.
I never had Skye before I installed it and it imported my MSN contacts. I see a lot of posts about this error but few fixes. I did try the first one changing the setting in IE but it didn't help. I'll search a bit more I hate mess around in the registry unless necessary. You would think that since MS owns both and is moving people toward Skype that they would have debugged it.
This appears to be some annoying certificate thing I think. I was just on with my friend and he switched on his video and mike and I typed back and the only errors popped up when starting and stopping Skype. We were on for almost an hour. I've seen a lot of posts about this fault but very little useful about it. I guess I'll just ignore it for now
As with any acquisition and conversions there are bound to be some bugs. I'm sure MS will sort it out eventually, as they always do, but it'll take some time, sometimes a bit longer than we would like it to take.