Sleep/display issues

My new PC with Windows 7 is great, except for one annoying issue. When my machine sleeps, sometimes it awakens with a distorted and enlarged view. I work from home, largely with picture files, so distortion make the job difficult. The display and resolution settings haven't changed, but what I see has changed. The only way I can get the corrected view back is to put the machine to sleep again, and within the first 2-3 times it will awake with the normal view again. How do I keep this from happening? Please help! Thanks!

This is only from "Sleep", right?... is ok if actually OFF & repowered? When it looks weird, does it stay like that if you wait a bit or you are always forced to reboot 2 or 3 times?

Yes, only from sleep. If I reboot completely it goes back to normal, and if I manually put it to sleep, it will return to normal, perhaps not ont hew first attempt, but within the first two or three.

Of course, you could go to the vendor or manufacturer but, I'll offer this. Double check that all is optimum in regards to video card/display driver & software.

This is a brand new gateway package I purchased only 3 weeks ago. I don't know what I should be checking in regards to software, any suggestions?

Do you have any special graphics or picture handling program(s) installed & running that could imact of this?

Nope, I am pretty low tech- I use Picasa for photos, but this issue happens whether or not the program is running.

Geeez, seems I have more questions than answers, right now.

Me too, thanks for your help! :)

Purchased at Best Buy. Have not contacted Gateway yet. I am planning to this afternoon.

Yes, I changed the sleep time to 15 minutes of idle, still having the same issue. The thing that plagues me is that it is not consistent. Sometimes I have issues, other times not at all.

I will let you know what Gateway says.

No reply from Gateway. I wonder if they are stumped too?

Alyssa, have you installed the suitable driver for your graphic card? It is possibly a driver problem.

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