Slipstream SATA drivers?

Haven't checked if the Vlite people have made this possible yet,
but how else am I to get the necessary drivers into an install?
An *.exe of the drivers won't (presumably) install from the Win7
'load drivers' window, and anytime I've run the exe elsewhere,
and written to a dvd, the same 'load drivers' window won't "see"
anything useable.

<Theory> What about installing to a PATA drive, with all the proper
SATA drivers installed, then 'ghosting' the install to a SATA?


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Maybe you should explain your actual problem. If you are trying to load drivers during an install, there is a button on the bottom left (?) of one page for that. Some folks are having to load SATA drivers for Nvidia or Silicone Image SATA controllers, and they are using that process to do so.

Thought I did?! The 'load drivers' function doesn't see anything usable
when I burn say <15.49_nforce_winvista_win7_64bit_international_whql.exe>
to a dvd. That is, not the exe itself, but the expanded contents.

680i LT* / Q6600 / 2gB / WD500gB

*Haven't run the bios update yet - it's an XFX board, but the BIOS is nVidia.
Read somewhere that the latest P33a bios from XFX is identical to nVidia's
reference bios, just haven't had the b*lls to run it yet. Don't take this last bit
as true without verification.

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I haven't looked, but many times they will have a separate download with drivers you can put on a floppy or flash drive for this express purpose.

If not that, the .exe should expand the files to a folder you can use. If you have already done so, there may be a Nvidia folder already. If the .exe removes the files when you cancel out of the install, try copying them to another folder before you cancel the install.

There are ways to just extract the files from an .exe, but I don't have any info on that.

It looks like to me the files you need are in the C:\Nvidia\nForceWinVista\15.49\English\IDE\Win7\sata-ide

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..It looks like to me the files you need are in the C:\Nvidia\nForceWinVista\15.49\English\IDE\Win7\sata-ide
Will try that Saltgrass thanks - [edit] does that directory exist on C: so soon into the install?

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Finally installed!!
Turns out point of view GeForce 8500 GT didn't like Win7.
After the "completing installation" screen; quickly safe boot,
then shift + F10 into cmd prompt. Call "compmgmtlauncher"
and disable [not uninstall] GeForce card to get to a basic vga
mode. Vista driver set is identical, so will have to try earlier
drivers - the official, latest 191.07 set still causes the dreaded
blank screen. I found a good step by step solution here

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